Pentecost Mission 2021

  • May 11, 2021

Pentecost Mission...

  • Bishop Brendan's Pentecost Pastoral Letter 23rd May, 2021.
  • Pentecost Mission Day 1:  Coping with Loss.
  • Pentecost Mission day 2: Journeying with Young People in a Changing world.
  • Pentecost Mission day 3: Becoming a Greener Household and Parish.
  • Pentecost Mission day 4: Pentecost Vigil With Bishop Brendan.


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Bishop Brendan in conversation with Rose O'Connor

  • March 28, 2021

Bishop Brendan in conversation with Rose O'Connor about the Holy Week resource pack developed by the Pastoral Outreach Team. Resources have been developed to enhance the experience of Holy Week for people at home. There is a particular focus on supporting families with children offering creative ways to engage children and young people in the Holy week liturgies.

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