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Dear Friend,

Thanks for visiting our website and our donate button. We very much appreciate your support.
The Diocese of Limerick and its parishes are daily offering many services to young and old, across all the social sectors of society, helping people mark significant moments, from the joy of birth to the sorrow of bereavement.

With our Easy Payments Plus (part of AIB) system of donation, you’ll find an attractive and easy option for you to support your priests, parish and indeed the services at the Diocesan centre. It is people like you generously supporting us financially who make our services possible. 

You can donate to the Diocese on the link below and on the Diocesan Facebook page.  Gradually parishes will also sign up to this system and as they do, a link to all participating parishes will also be here as well as on the local website or Facebook page.  

Your donation to the Diocese will be acknowledged, sincerely appreciated and put to good use and with your specific permission, will allow us to claim tax on your donation.  This simply means that your donation of €250 or more per year allows us to claim an amazing 31% more in charity tax relief rebates on your wonderful and generous donations.  Put simply, your €250 is worth €327.50 and all it takes is your signature! 

As you know cash transactions have significantly disappeared from almost all sectors and online shopping as well as “tap as you go” or contactless payments have become the norm. Our Easy Payments Plus enables you to do on-line what you might normally have done in contributing to a weekly offertory collection or parish dues or Diocesan needs collection. Your contribution can be either one-off or recurring. 

Once again, a big thanks for your support.

✠  Brendan Leahy
Bishop of Limerick