What would you like to search for?


I wish you the strength to be warm
when the world would prefer you to be cold.
I wish you only joy for all your days
that you may soothe the sorrows of others.
I wish you wonder, that you may see the glory
of a loving God in all around you.
I wish you humour and the gift of smiling
that you may banish the fears of others.
I wish you the glory of silence,
that you might know the will of your Lord,
who loves you and walks always at your side.
I wish you Easter peace in your world
and in your surroundings,
shining even into the furthest corners
of your heart where your truth is kept.
I wish you Easter fire to light your days
and fill them with visions and dreams.
I wish you faith so as to walk at the side of
men and women and feel their pain.
I wish you hope that might ascend
the heights of compassion.
And I wish you love to be with you for all eternity
for in love all things become possible.