“This is what marriage is all about: man and woman walking together, wherein the husband helps his wife to become ever more a woman, and wherein the woman has the task of helping her husband to become ever more a man.

Here we see the reciprocity of differences… The love of Christ, which has blessed and sanctified the union of husband and wife, is able to sustain their love and to renew it when, humanly speaking, it becomes lost, wounded or worn out” (Pope Francis).

According to the understanding of the Church, marriage is more than simply entering into a social and legal union; it originates from God’s call for a man and woman to vow themselves to a lifelong, intimate, and sacramental bond of love. The love of man and wife image God’s own unfailing love.

Tips for Discernment

  1. Talk to each other. Taking time to get to know one another, one’s likes, dislikes, goals, values, etc. is important. Throughout the dating process it is important to have good conversations (try having ‘technology-free’ dates) and to allow God to lead the relationship.
  2. Pray together. Praying with your boyfriend or girlfriend can be awkward at first, but is vital if God is to be at the centre of the relationship.
  3. Talk to married couples. A good way to discern whether God may be calling you to marriage is to talk with those who are married. Ask about the challenges and the joys. You will get a bigger picture of what marriage is really about.
  4. Strive for virtue. No matter what your vocation, you are called to holiness. By striving to grow in virtue, you will be not only be prepared for your future commitment, but will be more free to hear God’s call in the present moment.