“The priesthood is the love of the Heart of Jesus”
(St. John Vianney).

Just as Jesus Christ called some men to follow him as his apostles, He invites some men to lay down their lives so that others may have life. To be a priest is more than a career choice: it is a way of life. The priest participates in the very priesthood of Christ, serving as a mediator between God and humanity.

Signs of a Priestly Vocation

If you are considering the priesthood, the following qualities can help clarify whether God might be calling you.

  1. You desire to be a priest
  2. You have a love for Christ and for the Church
  3. You frequent the sacraments of Confession and Eucharist
  4. You have good physical, psychological, and emotional health
  5. Others have told you that you would make a good priest
  6. You strive to live a life of virtue
  7. You have a desire to serve others and bring them closer to Christ