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JPII Award

We are so glad you are interested in the Pope John Paul II Award programme!  Please use this step-by-step guide as a way to familiarize yourself with the programme and take the beginning steps.  

Am I eligible?

Are you:

  • a student in full-time education who has completed the Junior Certificate?
  • between the ages of 16 and 18 and not in post-primary education?

If you answered yes to one of those categories, you're eligible!  If you're still not sure, contact your parish/school Award Leader or jp2award@limerickdiocese.org. 

Enrol in the Award

Visit The Pope John Paul II Award website to download the application form and parental consent form.  You should return the completed forms with the enrolment fee to your Award Leader in your parish/school.

The enrolment fee is €20.  

Once your enrolment is processed, you will receive your Record Card from your Award Leader.  You will decide together what activities you will carry out.  Once you've completed your activities, you prepare a small reflection on your experience.

Award Resources - Enrolment Forms, Record Cards, Reflection Forms, etc.

Please find all the necessary forms at this link for you and your Award Leader to download together.  The resources available here include: consent and enrolment forms, record cards and instructions, reflection guidelines and forms, etc.  

What Award levels are there?

There are four Awards: The Papal Cross, Gold, Silver and Bronze.  Beginning in September, you will work to earn your Award by taking part in activities in the two areas of 'Parish Involvement' and 'Social Awareness' and preparing a reflection.

  • The Papal Cross Award: must be completed after the Gold Award
    • Parish Involvement: 1 hour per week for 26 weeks
    • Social Awareness: 1 hour per week for 26 weeks
    • Project (in place of reflection)
  • Gold Award: must be completed before The Papal Cross Award
    • Parish Involvement: 1 hour per week for 20 weeks
    • Social Awareness: 1 hour per week for 20 weeks
    • Reflection
  • Silver Award
    • Parish Involvement: 1 hour per week for 14 weeks
    • Social Awareness: 1 hour per week for 14 weeks
    • Reflection
  • Bronze Award
    • Parish Involvement: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks
    • Social Awareness: 1 hour per week for 8 weeks
    • Reflection

You get to choose, along with your parents and Award Leader, which Award level is right for you!  You don't have to complete them in any particular order - with the exception of the Gold Award and The Papal Cross Award, which must be completed in that order.  

Completing the Award

Once you've enrolled, determined which Award level you are pursuing and set your activities with your Award Leader, the fun part begins! 

Over the next several weeks, you will complete activities to meet the requirements, participate in group events (if organized by your Award Leader) and hopefully deepen your faith!  

After you've completed your activities, you'll write a series of short reflections on your experience.  The guidelines for the reflection are as follows:

  • a personal reflection and evaluation on any one activity carried out for the Award
  • the teaching of the Church that is relevant to the activity (e.g. visiting a residential home - teaching of the Church in relation to the care of the elderly and vulnerable; reading at Mass - teaching of the Church in relation to the Word of God)
  • an answer to the question: 'What does it mean to you to be a baptised member of the Church?'
  • an answer to how the Award has helped your understanding of the role of young people in the Church

Receiving the Award

Once you've completed the hours and reflection, you'll turn in your Record Card and reflection to your Award Leader.  These will then be sent on to The Pope John Paul II Award Office of the Limerick Diocese.  At some point after the programme is completed, there will be an Awards Ceremony where you receive your medal!

Still Have Questions?

Visit The Pope John Paul II Award website or contact: jp2award@limerickdiocese.org.