Where are you going? Come and See

A Day with Monks Exploring the Ground of Being Through Meditation, Parables and Scripture.

For Young Adults (20-35 years)

The day is designed as an opportunity to take some time out, to take stock and to recharge the batteries. The opening talk, by Fr Cuthbert, is an introduction to the monastic practice of meditation. The guided meditation will allow participants experience the alternating rhythm of word and silence, while resting in the peace that comes. The meditation will set the tone for the day allowing participants find time and space for themselves and also the possibility of creating such special times and spaces in their daily lives at home.

Fr Luke will follow with a talk on parables as prisms. The parables allow readers to explore questions and probe new possibilities in their lives. As prisms break open the regular everyday light into the full spectrum of the rainbow, so parables can disclose much of the mystery and wonder of life. Parables enable readers to bathe in the mystery.

There will be an opportunity to join the monks for the sung community Mass in the Abbey Church at 12.10. The Mass will be accompanied by meditative Gregorian chant which creates space for prayer. After Mass, lunch will be served for all participants in the guest refectory.

In the afternoon, Br Colman will lead a guided visit to the Icon Chapel. The Icon chapel is located beneath the Abbey Church and contains a large and diverse collection of icons from Eastern Europe and beyond from 1500 onwards. The icons allow viewers to focus their prayer through the icon to the individual mystery or saint that is portrayed. In today’s very visual world, icons have their place also in Western Europe and beyond. The immediacy of the image facilitates prayer.

There will be a quiet hour where participants may either spend time in the Abbey Church or enjoy the large parkland of Glenstal, including the walled garden, the lady garden, the lakes and avenues. It is advisable to come with walking shoes. Fr Columba will conclude with the final talk, entitled: “There is Nothing I Shall Want? – Scripture as Divine Nourishment.” Using traditional monastic practices, participants are introduced to meditative reading of the psalm of the Good Shepherd, which uncovers deep resources for personal and spiritual nourishment.

Places are limited an allocated on a first come first served basis. Participants are asked to advise in advance if they have any dietary requirements. The suggested donation is 10-20 euros. For bookings or further information please contact Fr Luke: Email: luke@glenstal.com Tel: 061-621099 or 086-2717937