Loss – The Journey and the Experience

You are invited to a presentation on ‘Loss; The Journey and the Experience’ which will be given by Bruce Pierce in the Ballybrown Resource Centre on Monday 25th November at 8pm.  Bruce is a Healthcare Chaplain Supervisor and an Associate of Death Education and Counselling CT.  This presentation will be particularly useful for those involved in bereavement and/or funeral team ministry.

Presenter: Bruce Pierce

Accredited Healthcare Chaplain Supervisor, Associate of Death Education and Counselling CT, Certified in Thanatology: Death, Dying and Bereavement.

Loss is simply the deprivation of something treasured – a loved one, a hope or a possession
In this workshop there will be an opportunity to explore the breath of loss and how it impacts our lives and how we are affected in different ways and in different time frames 

The presenter has worked in the area of loss for many years and will facilitate an exploration on the nature of loss and how as community we can provide support in the diversity of losses