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The Social Service Council’s aim is to promote the dignity and growth of individuals, families and groups.

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About us

General Manager: Brian Ryan

Services/Reception: Provides reception, information and contact service for the voluntary social organisations within the Diocese as well as professional advice and assistance when requested and also The School Awareness Programme.

Meetings: Open Monday - Friday nights, 8.00 p.m. - 10.00 p.m. to self help groups.

Community Workers: There are eight Religious Sisters associated with the Centre. They work in seven parish areas, offering particular support and encouragement to older people in the community and organise appropriate responses to their needs. They also encourage the involvement of volunteers in the different areas of their work.


Services Provided:

Care of the Elderly: Caring for the social, recreational needs and general comforts of the elderly, establishing and supporting senior citizens’ centres, socials and holiday outings.


Services for Parents:

A Young Parents’ Support Programme: Offers a variety of support including enabling young parents to continue their education. Tel. 061-411643.

Parents’ Support Group: Offers a community based support programme for parents with newborn babies. Support is offered by experienced parents. Lifelong parenting, information and support. Tel. 061-411643.

Residential Accommodation: The Social Service Centre provides two support services for young pregnant women. Tel. 061-314111.

(a) Pre-Natal Residential Accommodation: For girls who need support prior to the birth of their babies.

(b) Altamira Apartments: Offer low cost short-term supportive accommodation with educational programmes for young mothers with their babies. Tel. 061- 326649.

Counselling: A free confidential Counselling Service is offered for individuals and families to support them in their personal growth. Counselling is provided by trained Counsellors and Family Therapists, at the Centre and an outreach service is also provided. This service has been extended to Kilmallock, Newcastle West, Abbeyfeale and Rathkeale.

Pre-Schools: The Centre supports and facilitates ongoing training for the staff of 11 pre-schools throughout the city and four in the county.

Inner City Creche: Cares for up to 28 children between the ages of 3 months and 3 years. It facilitates parents to avail of education or enter employment.

Family Rights Group: Support Group for families who have children in care.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Open meeting for members of the public on the first Tuesday of every month at 8.30 p.m. in the ;. There are 35 meetings in the City and 15 in the County each week. For help for the family, friends, employers of alcoholics - contact: Al-Anon or Al-Ateen at the Social Service Centre, Limerick.

N.B. The meeting is open to anyone whose life is adversely affected by alcohol, not just the active alcoholic. Tel. 061-311222(24hour service).

Self Help Groups: A number of self-help groups meet at the Centre, including the following: Brainwave, Cancer Support Group. Other groups who meet at the Centre include Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Bodywhys, Foster Parents, Aware, Gam-Anon, I.C.A., A.D.D.H., C.H.A.S., Bruree Aftercare, Aspire, Schizophrenia (S.I.), Arthritis Group, Pioneer Association, Lourdes Group, Diabetic Group, I.P.P.A., Epilepsy, Innerwheel, Multiple Sclerosis and C.B.S.I.

Young Homelessness: The HSE service offering support to young homeless boys and girls is based at the Centre.


Contact Us

Address: Henry Street, Limerick.

Tel: 061-314111 / 314213.

Fax: 061-314069.



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