Safeguarding and Child Protection Personnel

Director / Designated Person: Mr Ger Crowley

Ger Crowley is a former Head Social Worker and was the Director of Child Care Services in the statutory child protection services.

Role: To oversee all aspects of safeguarding and child protection in Church related activities throughout the Diocese including;

  • Receiving and responding to any child protection complaints or concerns.
  • Referring complaints to the relevant statutory agency. (HSE / Gardaí)
  • Ongoing liaison with the civil authorities and with the National Office for Safeguarding Children.
  • Reviewing all Diocesan cases.
  • Providing professional expertise and support.
  • The overall coordination and development of the service.

Assistant Designated Person: To be updated

Role: The role of the assistant is to support the Delegate.


Case Management Advisory Panel: Chaired by retired Chief Supt. Gerry Mahon


  • To provide advice on complaints and the appropriate response to the person making the allegation, the person against whom an allegation is made and the needs of the parish, or wider community.
  • To deal with complaints referred to them without any unnecessary delay and in a transparent, equitable and sensitive manner.
  • To monitor the overall response to allegations and suspicions of child abuse in the Diocese.


Safeguarding Children Committee: Chaired by Catherine Kelly- Director Limerick Youth Service

Role: The Safeguarding Committee is responsible for the ongoing development of policy and the implementation of best practice procedures in every parish. Its work includes the following:

  • Providing Resources and training at local level for clergy, parish staff and volunteers.
  • Ensuring that the diocese is adhering to national guidelines in relation to best practice.
  • Reviewing and updating Diocesan Safeguarding Children Policy and Procedures.
  • Promoting awareness of Safeguarding Children in the Diocese.
  • Recruiting and training Local Safeguarding Representatives.


Safeguarding Children Training Co-ordinator: Ms. Aoife Walsh


  • To co-ordinate the delivery of training to clergy, parish staff and volunteers.
  • To ensure that training delivered is consistent with National Standards.
  • To provide support and advice with regard to training or issues relating to policy, procedures and best practice.
  • To train and liaise with Local Safeguarding Representatives.

HR & Vetting Committee: Chaired by Mr John Murphy

Role: To ensure best practice with compliance and national standards in all vetting and HR practices

Safeguarding Children Co-ordinator:


  • Garda Vetting Authorised Signatory for the Diocese; this involves receiving and processing all Garda Vetting Applications.
  • Provides administrative support to the Diocesan Safeguarding and Child Protection Service.

Local Safeguarding Representatives:

Each Pastoral Area has two Local Safeguarding Representatives.


  • Raising awareness of best practice in relation to Safeguarding Children.
  • Disseminating information on Safeguarding Children.
  • Ensuring that the contact details of the relevant designated officer/delegate are widely publicised.

Contact details for your Local Safeguarding Representatives are available from your Parish Priest.

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