Welcome.  These pages offer information about Catholic primary level schools in the Diocese of Limerick and the support services available to them.

St. Senan's Education Office

St. Senan’s Education Office was established in April of 2007 to assist those who serve as chairpersons and members of the boards of management of the primary schools under the Bishops’ patronage across the dioceses of Limerick, Kerry and Killaloe.

St. Senan’s Education Office acts as a first point of contact for the management of catholic schools in the three dioceses. Whilst offering telephone and email support on issues of policy and procedure the office also focuses on the development of good practice and bespoke training for members of the boards of management.

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Limerick Diocesean Advisory Service-Supporting Religious Education in Primary Schools

The Limerick Diocesan Advisory Service works in collaboration with teachers, school management, parish clergy, parents and guardians to support and resource religious education in primary schools across the Diocese of Limerick.

Who we are:

Sr Rose Miriam Email:
Veronica Behan,


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Grow in Love: The new Religious Education series for Catholic primary schools


Grow in Love is the new Religious Education series for Catholic primary schools in Ireland. It introduces a new curriculum for Religious Education, and, over the next four years, will replace the Alive-O series.

Each Grow in Love programme is divided into a number of themes, which will allow teachers to take a thematic, cross-curricular approach to the teaching of Religious Education. Each theme is designed to last between two and four weeks. As well as the Teacher's Notes and photocopiable worksheets featured in the Teacher's Manual, a comprehensive set of free online resources will also be available, including illustrations to accompany every story, video clips and weblinks for further study.

Each week, parents and families will be asked to help their children to do something related to the programme at home. For this reason, the Grow in Love Children's Book will feature illustrations, stories, poems and activities for families to do together. Parents and children will also be invited to talk and pray about what is being learned in school.

Implementation dates for the Grow in Love series:

● Junior and Senior Infants/P1 and P2: September 2015

● 1st and 2nd Classes/P3 and P4: September 2016

● 3rd and 4th Classes/P5 and P6: September 2017

● 5th and 6th Classes/P7: September 2018

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In-service for the new RE Curriculum and Grow in Love Programme

In-service is being offered to schools on the new curriculum and Grow in Love series by each diocese. It is important that Boards of Management encourage teachers to attend any continuous professional development opportunities.

If you have any queries re the curriculum or programme, please contact the Diocesan Advisor for Primary Religious Education.

Catholic Preschool and Primary Religious Education Curriculum for Ireland

The Catholic Preschool and Primary Religious Education Curriculum for Ireland was formally launched in September 2015.  The curriculum received recognition from the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelisation in March 2015.

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