Welcome. These pages offer information about Catholic second level schools in the Limerick diocese, and support available for them. Please contact the Diocesan Advisor (see below) if you have further questions.


Diocesan Advisor: Secondary Schools

It is the role of the Advisor to support those who have responsibility for the Religious Education of young people in second level schools in the Diocese of Limerick. The Diocesan Advisor works closely with all involved in Religious education to ensure that the living mystery of God is communicated to out young people, so that they might reflect on and deepen their relationship with God. The Advisor facilitates the teaching of religion in the school in a number of ways.

  • By visiting the school to meet with and encourage the religion teachers and help them in their work.
  • By advising the Principal/Board of Management and religion teachers on the catechetical syllabus, suitable textbooks and helping devise and supply suitable resource materials and assistance in formulating policies.
  • By reminding Principals /Board of Management of the central position of Religious Education in the school syllabus and timetable, helping them through in – service staff days/ meetings to develop the Christian/Catholic ethos with their school.
  • By providing pastoral support to teachers and chaplains and helping develop co – operation between teachers and chaplains in any geographical area, and by providing resource packs  to assist teachers and chaplains in the preparation of classes and liturgies appropriate to the time of the year.


Limerick Diocesan Centre

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