"For this reason a man will leave his father and mother and cling to his wife,
and the two will become one flesh.” (Mk.10:7)

These beautiful words are said by Christ himself. Surely it is significant that his first miracle was at the wedding in Cana? Christ wants to bless each married couple. Their vocation is, not only to be happy right now, but to bring the absolute best out of each other, and so bring each other to eternal life.

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What do we mean when we speak of the sacrament of Marriage?

Matrimony is a sacrament between two baptised persons who, with love, commit themselves completely to each other for life and therefore it is a sign to the world of the invisible loving God living among us. Everything they do singly or together, is a living out of their sacrament. Simple things like washing dishes, struggling to make a living, teaching their children, etc., have power hidden within them to increase their love for each other and for God. Married life is a way to holiness, to life with God.   

The love of husband and wife in God's plan leads beyond itself and, in most cases, new life is generated, a family is born. The family is a community of love and life, a home in which children are guided to maturity. It is a love to be proclaimed before the eyes of the whole world. It is unconditional. To be capable of such love calls for careful preparation from childhood to wedding day and beyond. It needs the constant support of the Church and society to grow and flourish.



One of the ways that the Church in Ireland supports marriage is through the work of ACCORD.

ACCORD is an Irish voluntary Catholic organisation that aims to promote a deeper understanding of Christian marriage and to offer people the means to safeguard and nourish their marriage and family relationships.

ACCORD has 53 local centres across Ireland  - including Limerick city and Newcastlewest. ACCORD support married couples in all lifes circumstances.