Liturgy Resources

This page offers seasonal resources to those who prepare liturgy.

  • A general introduction to liturgy, the liturgical year & liturgical music is included HERE
  • A general introduction to parish liturgy groups (including guidelines and group prayer) is HERE
  • Information and resources about the introduction of the 3rd edition of the Roman Missal (the 'new translation of the Mass'), is available HERE


Liturgy resources to support parish liturgy groups

'We are all, in this life, simply beggars telling beggars where we found bread'

The following resources are from various workshops & resourcepacks offered by the Limerick Diocesan Pastoral centre and/or the Limerick Diocesan Liturgy Commission. This is an evolving resource, so please come back over the seasons to see how we have added to it!

Resources are categorised as  seasonal or sacramental resources. Please click on the link below to access each section. Most is created 'from our own imagination' (!) Where we used others material we credit it. If anything isn't credited properly we would be grateful for your feedback, so we can put that right.


Seasonal Resources

Advent -   Christmas Season -   Lent -   Holy Week and Easter -   Easter Season -    Ordinary Time


Sacramental Resources

Baptism Eucharist Confirmation - Reconciliation -  Marriage - Holy Orders - Sacrament of the Sick



Funeral General prayers & resources New Translation of the Roman Missal (Nov 2011)"Childrens Liturgy"

Ordering 'Do this in Memory' resources for September 2013 - click HERE for brochure



The Season of Advent

Is Advent Christmas? Untangling the two seasons - some parish resources

Advent ideas for 2010

Making a Jesse Tree for the family home

Advent 2011 - scripture, resources and information.

Advent 2012 - the Saints of Advent. As part of the Year of Faith, we focus this Advent on some of the men and women of faith who influence and inspire us in Advent. These slides were the basis of an evening workshop in which parishes discussed and planned their Advent liturgies.

Advent 2013 - The free weekly e-newsletter contains many links to new Advent resources, so we ask that this year each parish liturgy group sign up to receive this newsletter - in order to be in contact all year round. Sign up on the front page of this website (bottom right - 'sign up for diocesan newsletter').

Advent 2014 - Liturgy resources: Over 20 links to about 200 Advent resources were shared in Novembers newsletters - you can view there in the archive HERE at any point.


The Christmas Season

Including all ages in the Christmas Eve liturgy

Some Christmas prayers & blessings

Some resources for the Christmas season 2011

Some New Years Resolutions for Christians


The Season of Lent


Trocaire Lenten Resources for 2013 - must be pre-ordered!!!

Shrove (Pancake) Tuesday ideas

Ash Wednesday information

Ash Wednesday - a prayer service

Journeying in Faith: Three ideas for celebrating generations of faith in the parish

Some personal resources - A weeks worth of challenges for Lent 2010

A Conversion conversation: Sunday scripture for Lent 2012

Holy Week and Easter

Palm (Passion) Sunday

Light and dark in the Easter Vigil


Easter Season



Ordinary Time

St Brigid - February 1st

The Feast of the Presentation of the Lord (Feb 2nd)  - A family liturgy for Candlemas

St Patricks Day (March 17th)

Mothers Day prayers (March)

September - Prayer for September meeting of Parish Pastoral Council

Two harvest resources

Liturgy resources for November



Signs & symbols for Baptism

Some background  reading is also available:

  • For parents enquiring about infant baptism, click HERE
  • For adult baptism, click HERE
  • For parish baptism teams, click HERE
  • For parish RCIA teams, click HERE




Even after years of faithful gathering, we can learn more about Eucharist and about how God is with us in a special way as we gather to pray. It is good and appropriate that adult Catholics regularly take time to reflect on and grow in understanding about the great mystery that Jesus Christ has given us in the Eucharist.

The Liturgical Year: Celebrating Mass across the Church Year

  • Some general background is available HERE
  • Scripture readings for each day, and each Sunday are available HERE
  • Personal prayer based on the days Gospel is available HERE
  • Sunday reflections for across the three year cycle are available HERE
  • Some information on Do This in Memory, a Parish Based Sacramental Preparation for First Eucharist is available HERE
  • Information on the prepration for First Eucharist in the Primary School is available HERE


A prayer reflection for Ministers of the Word

Rite of Commissioning for extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist HERE

Information and resources for Music ministry and Liturgical Music are HERE


"Childrens Liturgy": Celebrating liturgy with children and families

  • Some background reading about celebrating liturgy with children. From Brisbane diocese HERE
  • An English resource page for celebrating liturgy with children. Click HERE
  • Guidelines and resources from the Bishops Conference of England & Wales are HERE
  • Worksheets for every Sunday based on the scripture readings are available HERE



Here are some more reflections about Eucharist:

  • A reflection on Sunday Mass from Cardinal Mahony, Diocese of Los Angeles.
  • 'Celebrating the Eucharist'. The Order of Mass: why we do what we do and how we can improve
  • 'To rekindle the Amazement': Reflection on Eucharist and our pastoral journey here in Limerick




Here are a selection of programs available for parishes as children prepare for Confirmation

  • A five session program for small parish groups was developed by the Diocesan Pastoral Council in 2008 and is available from the Pastoral Centre.
  • SDC program - Confirmation worksheets and prayers for seven sessions,  click HERE
  • ‘You Shall Be My Witnesses’ is a parish-based preparation programme for Confirmation developed in the diocese of Kildare & Leighlin by Maeve Mahon and published by Veritas in October 2009. More than 10 000 children and their families used the programme in its first year of publication. It is used by several parishes here in Limerick and full details can be found HERE
  • Some information on preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Primary School is available HERE




Seven Frequently asked questions about children and the Sacrament of Reconciliation HERE

The Diocese of Kildare & Leighlin have lovely liturgy resources. HERE is a Lenten reconciliation service for families.

Information on preparing for First Reconciliation in the Primary School: HERE



A checklist as you prepare for your wedding HERE (Accord, Ireland), details of civil and church requirements are HERE & a list of marriage preparation courses is available HERE.

Templates to help you create a booklet for your wedding are available on many websites (Eg. HERE or HERE).

Every Catholic liturgy has Scripture at its centre. You will be invited to choose 3 readings, which reflect your personality and your prayer before God on this, your wedding day. A good explanation of how and why we choose (Scripture) readings and readers (Proclaimers of the Word), as well as a choice of readings is available HERE

"Our Sunday Visitor" is a very well know American Catholic publishing company. They have created a website called "Catholic Wedding Help" - which answers lots of general questions and offers resources. You can view it HERE.

Holy Orders



Sacrament of the Sick




Funeral is a website with resources and information for those preparing for a Catholic funeral.

Kerry Diocese produced two excellent resources for familes who are bereaved and for those who support the bereaved. We are grateful for permission to share them here:

  • 'Celebrating the Funeral' is a practical booklet to help families to choose readings and other details of the Funeral Liturgy. See HERE
  • 'Praying for the Dead' is a booklet for all who support the bereaved. Its explains the Funeral liturgy, the symbols we use and how we prepare and prioritise. See HERE.

Music Guidelines for Funerals

Some reflections around bereavement


General Prayers & resources

Sitting before the Trinity we pray: Welcoming prayer for a new group

Prayer resources as we respond to abuse or trauma

Free clipart liturgical images for each Sunday

Reflection - Prophets of a future not our own

Reflection - You are a child of God

Friday Penance - Suggestions from the Irish Bishops Conference

Towards Healing and Renewal - response to Pope Benedicts letter to the people of Ireland


New Translation of the Roman Missal (November 2011)

A full page of background, resources and support is available here