Liturgy is like a strong tree
whose beauty is derived
from the continuous renewal of its leaves,
but whose strength comes from the old trunk,
with solid roots in the ground.
Pope Paul VI






LIMERICK DIOCESAN PASTORAL PLAN 2016-2026,  Based on the April 2016 Diocesan Synod


The Synod demonstrated that there can be no separation between the liturgical life of the community and the ordinary life of those who share in it. There is an intimate link between life and liturgy. We must explore and advance the development of liturgical ministries in the diocese. The core thrust of the Synod vote was towards enhancing the quality and experience of liturgy at a local level achieving ‘conscious, active and full’ participation. And here we saw that the emphasis was on liturgy that connects with the lives of ordinary people and that can be delivered by ordinary people. The development of local capacity for leadership in liturgy was a key enabler for this – both for liturgies led by clergy and by lay people.




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DIOCESAN PASTORAL PLAN 2016 -2026 - Core Actions

1. To build capacity at diocesan level - To put a team in place so that we, as a diocese, can offer good quality formation and support for local liturgy and its leaders.

2. Ministry of Public Prayer - That local communities will have trained and resources local prayer leaders for all kinds of public prayer as needed in the community.

3. Modern Technology - That local communities would have opportunities to avail of modern technology for better liturgical experiences in their churches.

4. Congregational Singing - That with supportive leadership and seasonal resources; communities would be confident to sing together at all local liturgies.

5. Clergy formation in homiletics and presiding at liturgy - That clergy who lead public prayer would be supported by on-going opportunities for continuing professional development.

6. Guidelines and Statutes - That there would be clear local law and understanding about how we celebrate and pray together, so we are truly a ‘community of communities’ united in Christ.

7. Local liturgy – A menu of resources and events offered by the diocese - That parishes would participate in on-going liturgical formation as it is appropriate for their local faith community.

8. Blessings! - That we celebrate God who is good, by encouraging and resourcing the practise of blessings in our daily lives.