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      Date: Apr 19, 2017
     Title: April 25th: Lay led liturgy
As part of our agreed Diocesan Pastoral Plan, parishes are training local liturgy leaders ...

On Tuesday, April 25th every parish in Limerick diocese has been asked to host a lay led liturgy. Formation and resources have been offered to all parishes, so that everyone is included in this moment.

(Resources incl Bishops letter at end of page)

In every parish in this diocese lay people already lead prayers – for instance family prayer (Grace before meals), personal or group prayer (pilgrimage, prayer group or devotional prayers) and public prayer (the Rosary before Mass, Adoration, Funeral Home prayers, or a Graveyard Service in November). At our synod the people of this diocese asked that every parish would support and develop local leadership, to lead public prayers and liturgies, so that every parish can say with confidence, ‘When we needed to gather together and pray, we were able to’. Every parish will now have a clear group who offer a Ministry of Public Prayer, including liturgy when a priest cannot celebrate weekday Mass in the parish – but each parish group will be different, according to the resources and needs of the parish itself.

A Liturgy is an official public prayer of the church, (the Seven Sacraments, The Divine Office and Liturgy of the Word). Even though not everyone will be present at a parish liturgy, the liturgy always includes the whole parish especially those who would like to be present but cannot. So this is a prayer moment for the whole community – where some will gather to pray on behalf of us all. We ask everyone to support our prayer leaders by joining prayerfully with them on April 25th - in person if possible or through your prayers at home or work that morning.

Our priests and Bishop Leahy will be gathered for a clergy conference on April 25th. The liturgy for that day will be prepared in the parish and will be led by parishioners who have attended formation and are using agreed diocesan resources. We hope this means that they feel supported and confident in their parish ministry, and that every parish feels united with the whole ‘community of communities’ that is our diocese. As with daily Mass, the support of sacristan, Minister of the Word and/or Music leader is both necessary and of great benefit to the liturgy leader on this morning.

Parishes have been asked to offer a Liturgy of the Word, in which we are nourished at the Table of the Word. The living Word of God in Scripture will feed us as we bring our lives and our prayers to God together on this morning.

There will not be a Communion Service as part of this liturgy for two reasons. Firstly we respect our Bishops request, and we respect other parishes by celebrating in unity. Secondly, the reception of Holy Communion should normally be part of the full celebration of the Eucharist. It is a long-held tradition that Communion can be brought to the sick. For a wide variety of reasons, pubic prayer with the distribution of Communion is normally reserved to particular circumstances such as on Sundays when parishes cannot celebrate the Eucharist, or to situations such as prayer services in nursing homes etc.


April 25th is a one day event, but is part of our on-going commitment to support good liturgy in strong local faith communities. For feedback or questions you can contact the Diocesan Office or the Diocesan Liturgy Commission, and the coordinator c/o Nóirin 061400133,



Letter from Bishop Brendan Leahy to be read at all weekend Masses in the Diocese on the weekend of April 22/23rd 2017 HERE

You can download this information as a flyer for parishes HERE

Some liturgy resouces for leaders (sent by post, and discussed in formation) HERE

Prayer Cards will be delivered to parishes before the weekend of April 22/23rd, and a copy can be seen HERE