Apr 5, 2013

Walking in Hope with the Risen Jesus


Resources for parish, school and home

as we prepare for Fr Brendan Leahy's

ordination as our new Bishop.

Our diocese celebrates a new chapter in our story on April 14th 2013, with the ordination of Bishop designate Fr Brendan Leahy, as the new Bishop of Limerick.

Representatives from schools, parishes, organisations and groups across the whole spectrum of the life of the Limerick diocese will attend the celebration in St John's Cathedral. The good news is that the ordination is going to be transmitted via the internet - full details of this will appear here nearer the date.


As we prepare for this celebration, we are aware that we, like the apostles; are followers of Jesus, who are continually being called into new experiences of his love in our lives. So, this celebration is not just for those who will be in St John's Cathedral on April 14th. It is an opportunity for us all to renew our relationship with Jesus and to walk in hope with the Risen Jesus.





In an effort to engage the wider parish and, especially our young people, in this moment; we have created some resources for home, parish and school use in the week prior to the Bishops Ordination.



A simple prayer service to be celebrated at all weekend Masses on the week prior to the ordination (i.e. 6th/7th April) is available HERE.

The accompanying cover letter is HERE

Primary School

Resources for primary school teachers and students, which allow the school to engage with and celebrate this new beginning in our diocese are available HERE

A cover letter to schools about these resources is HERE


A prayer for Fr Brendan has been available in parish churches for a number of months. It will be used as part of the parish service at Masses on April 6/7th and families will be encouraged to take it home and pray it together. A copy is available HERE


We will continue to update this website with information about April 14th - we look forward to hearing lots of reports and photos from parishes, schools and families who joined in these celebrations.



Prayer for Bishop Designate Fr. Brendan Leahy

Heavenly Father, you sent Jesus to shepherd your people

and the Holy Spirit to make your people one.

Send your Holy Spirit to anoint our new Bishop-designate Brendan Leahy,

that he may continue the work of renewal in the Church

and unite our parishes, priests and people in love, truth and wisdom.


Give him a true shepherd's heart like that of Jesus,

that he may give strength to the weak, heal the broken-hearted,

console the lonely, bring back the wandering

and be a power against the evil of our day,


We ask this through Christ our Lord.