Jul 4, 2019

Keliher Scholarships

This Scholarship is for Leaving Certificate Students from the Dioceses of Cork & Ross and Limerick applying to UCC for particular courses

Applications from candidates for the Keliher Scholarships must reach the Student Records and Examinations Office on or before 5.00 p.m., Friday, 23 August, 2019.

Application Forms and Regulations may be obtained from the Student Records and Examinations Office, University College Cork (021 – 490 3205).

Scholarship Requirements


  1. One or more scholarships equivalent in value to Category A Grant, under the Higher Education Grant Scheme, are awarded annually in order of merit to eligible candidates who attain Entrance Scholarships standard in the Leaving Certificate Examination. Recipients who are also holders of Higher Education Grants will receive a Scholarship of €1,710 subject to the rules relating to the renewal of the Scholarship.

  2. Each candidate (a) must have been born, or be the child of a parent who was born, in the county or city of Cork or Limerick; (b) must be a Catholic; and (c) must prove, to the satisfaction of the President, that without such financial assistance he/she would be unable to avail of, or to continue to avail of, university education.

  3. A special form of application for a Keliher Scholarship, which is obtainable from the Student Records and Examinations Office, University College Cork, must be properly filled up by each candidate, and lodged with the Student Records and Examinations Office not later than 5.00 p.m. on 24 August 2018. In no circumstances can a late application be accepted.

  4. The Keliher Scholarship will be awarded on the results of the eligible candidates in the Leaving Certificate Examination. It is tenable only in UCC, for the First Year of a full-time primary degree programme in the session following the Leaving Certificate Examination on which the award is based. The basis for an award will be order of merit in accordance with the standard UCC scoring system as set out under regulations for admission in the University Calendar. Only performance in the six best subjects taken at the first attempt at the same sitting of the Leaving Certificate will be counted. Any award made is at the discretion of the Trustees.

  5. A candidate must not have attained the age of 20 years before 1st July in the year of his/her candidature.

  6. A successful candidate must satisfy the minimum entry requirements of the National University of Ireland, and must pursue in University College Cork, approved programmes leading to a degree in one of the following Colleges: Arts, Celtic Studies and Social Sciences; Business and Law; Science, Engineering and Food Science.

  7. A Keliher Scholarship will be renewed for each year of the primary degree programme, provided the holder obtains the equivalent of a high honours standard at the preceding university or sessional examination. It will be renewed for a postgraduate programme only if the scholar has displayed exceptional ability and conspicuous diligence and has obtained the equivalent of an honours degree.

  8. If a holder fails to obtain the equivalent of a satisfactory honours standard at the university or sessional examination, he/she will forfeit the scholarship. On the recommendation of the President, however, he/she may be granted a Keliher Bursary of lesser amount than the scholarship.