Jun 5, 2018

Bishop wishes students well with advice to relax ahead of exams

Bishop wishes students well with advice to relax ahead of exams

Tuesday 5 June 2018: Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy has today urged students to put any distractions or upsets they may have in their world aside and allow space only for calm and concentration as they embark on their key exams.

Speaking ahead of their exams commencing on Wednesday, Bishop Leahy said:  “These are very important exams for the students and the key thing this week is that they try and not allow other issues worry them and give their exams their absolute best.

“It’s a very tense time for young people and they may have other things going on in their lives that might be distracting them, including relationships, sport perhaps even loss of loved ones.  But right now, for the next few weeks at least, they need to do their best to clear their minds as much as they can for all except their exams. Everything else can be picked up afterwards.”

Calling on priests and laity across the diocese to keep students in their prayers, he added:  “It’s important also that students put things into perspective.  Yes, these exams are important and they have to give them their best but they are not the be all and end all.  So many people who achieve great things, whether in work or otherwise, were not high on academic achievement so it’s not all about exams.

“Just take it easy, get into the right frame of mind, free yourself from other concerns, in so far as that’s possible, and give it your best.”