Mar 7, 2018

24 hours for the Lord

Round the clock confessions and prayer this Friday in 24 hours for the Lord’

Bishop Leahy says many who have not had confession for some time gain a lot more than they expect from the experience

Wednesday 7 March 2018: Round the clock confession will be a key feature of this week’s ‘24 hours for the Lord’ initiative that will take place from 4p.m. on Friday to the same time Saturday.

’24 Hours for the Lord’ is an initiative introduced by Pope Francis in 2014. It was received with great enthusiasm here in Ireland and around the world and it will be celebrated again this year on Friday 9th and Saturday 10th March, in the city centre Augustinian Church in Limerick.

We invite you to join us at any time across the day or night. A confessor will be available at all times.

We will open with the celebration of the Eucharist at 4pm on Friday March 9th.

We will finish on Saturday 10th March at 3pm with a special Mass of the Sick

Mass will also be celebrated on Saturday at 8:30am and 10:15am


The Augustinian Church on O’Connell Street will be the centrepiece of the celebration, which will also involve Eucharistic Adoration and Masses.

The ‘24 Hours for the Lord’ is an initiative introduced by Pope Francis in 2014 and has been held in Limerick Diocese each year since.

Hundreds are expected to participate in the event in Limerick, with large numbers set to take advantage of the opportunity to get confession during Lent.

Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy urged those who have not gone to confession for quite some time to consider dropping in as they would be enriched and lightened by the experience.

“24 hours for the Lord is an invitation by Pope Francis, who will be taking part in this special day of prayer and reconciliation in Rome.  He is encouraging people to, in particular, go to confession to acknowledge the wrong they have done but also in the knowledge that God forgives,” said Bishop Leahy.

“We have celebrated this special 24hours in previous years in Limerick and it proved to be quite a solemn day when participants got a lot of peace from their participation.  As Pope Francis has said, confession is an encounter with Jesus whose ‘mercy motivates us to do better’.

“I would encourage people to take part, not least those who have lost touch with the sacrament of confession.  It really is a special day and night of reconciliation and something that people gain a lot more than they expect from.”