Dec 22, 2017

Christmas Message 2017

Joint Christmas Message

by Church of Ireland Bishop of Limerick Bishop Kenneth Kearon

and Catholic Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy

December 2017


Through the dark of winter, a bright shining message pierces the gloom – a message of hope and reconciliation to a divided world.

We surround the story of Bethlehem with tinsel and golden stars, but that shouldn’t cloud our understanding that this is an ancient and true story of a baby born to parents in the Middle East who at that moment were homeless, who soon became refugees in Egypt, fleeing persecution.

The story itself is true, and it conveys an even deeper message, that through this child God became real in the world; through his teaching he changed the world, and through his death and resurrection he transformed our relationship with God.

Here in Ireland we know all about homelessness; we encounter refugees, and we are all in need of the transforming love of God. Our divided world needs that message of wholeness and reconciliation. Each of us needs hope, lasting hope that only the Christ-child can bring.

We both wish you a very happy and joyful Christmas, and through it all may you be able to keep before you the hope and the love that lies at the heart of the Christmas message.