Oct 3, 2017

Family Fun Day at Mary Immaculate to kick-off World Meeting of Families programme


Smiles and laughter ahead as Diocese celebrates the greatness of family with special gathering

Family Fun Day at Mary Immaculate to kick-off World Meeting of Families programme

Tuesday 3 October 2017: The greatness of family and its core role in our lives will be celebrated in the best way possible on Sunday (October 8th) as young and old from across the Diocese of Limerick gather for a festival of fun at Mary Immaculate College, Limerick.

The ‘Family Fun Day’, which will be free to the public, is Limerick Diocese’s formal launch of its World Meeting of Families programme as it builds towards the first ever hosting of this global event in Ireland next year.

Sunday’s  event, which runs from 1p.m. to 5p.m., will capture the essence of family as children, parents, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, uncles, aunts and cousins come together for fun-filled celebration that will be a reminder of the beauty of family.

A special Festival Mass will be held at 4p.m. but before that there will be three hours of inter-generational revelry as all ages come together to enjoy family fun activities.  They will get to enjoy food stalls, a mobile farm, face painting, archery, an obstacle course, water zorbs, music and games and more.

Looking ahead to the day, Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy said:  “We have the exciting prospect next year of Ireland hosting the World Meeting of Families in Ireland and we wanted to launch our programme in support of this great event by celebrating families through a fun environment.  There is a deeply spiritual aspect to the World Meeting of Families and, appropriately, we will have a Festival Mass on Sunday but there’s few things more sacred than families enjoying time together.

“Family is such a special institution.  It’s there for you on the good days and also there when you need it most.  Other than the presence of God, there’s nothing more constant in our lives than family. Nothing else in the living world compares to that.  Our wider communities are, in their own right, a family but the core family is the ultimate sanctuary.   Sunday and the World Meeting of Families is not about what we consider the perfect or traditional family, however.  It’s for all families and, indeed, families of faith, little faith and no faith.  Everyone is welcome.”

Said Emer Williams, who along with her husband John is the Limerick Diocesan delegates to the World Meeting of Families: “The title is Family Fun Day and that’s exactly what has been planned for Sunday.  The World Meeting of Families is a celebration of family and a reflection of the importance of family to society.  Sunday’s event will be a taster for that great gathering next year.  It will be all about families having fun together. There will be people from across Limerick - from the diocese, different parishes, different ethnic backgrounds, all celebrating family and community.  As with the World Meeting of Families, it will be everyone; for families who have lost touch with faith and, indeed, families who are challenged in one way or another.  I’m looking forward to seeing a lot of smiles and hearing a lot of laughter.”