Jul 27, 2016

Now is the time of mercy - Bishop Brendan at WYD

As part of World Youth Day, over 200 Bishops and Cardinals will offer our young pilgrims catechesis - or talks about their faith - at a variety of locations and in many languages, across three days.

These moments of catechesis are a very special opportunity for our young people to reflect on the message of World Youth Day 2016 with pilgrims from across the world. Three Irish Bishops, including Bishop Brendan are leading catechesis moments.

This Wednesday morning, Bishop Brendan is reflecting on the theme 'Now is the time of mercy'. You can join our pilgrims by reading and reflecting with his talk  (click HERE)

Bishop Brendan:  "I am happy to be here today. Happy firstly because it reminds me of the very first World Youth Day with Saint Pope John Paul II in 1984 that I was fortunate to attend. For me the World Youth Day was a wonderful event, a time to take courage because we can so often find ourselves in situations where our friends are not into church or we ourselves struggle with faith questions. It is good to come together and be strengthened by the community. It’s what the first Christians did whenever they were tempted or discouraged; they came back to the community gatherings and that made them stronger.

I am happy today, however, not simply because I remember how important this World Youth Day was for me thirty years ago but because today is a new day. And with you a new experience. This year our gathering is taking place during a Jubilee Year of Mercy. This is our moment. God always has something new to say to us. So, thanks for coming to the World Youth Day. Without you, it wouldn’t exist! Each of you brings a unique contribution. Each of you should consider each other like “Pokémon trainers” except you aren’t collecting Pokémons or battling but rather helping each other for the adventure of these days together here in Krakow.   ....."