Jun 2, 2016

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Persons Newsletter Spring 2016

Message from Bishop Leahy 

The diocese of Limerick wishes to encourage the participation of children and vulnerable person in the life of the Church and to promote their welfare. I would like to acknowledge the work of the many people who promote safeguarding in the diocese through the implementation of diocesan policies and procedures.

However, policies are only effective if everyone understands their purpose and knows how to use them. This newsletter is a means of communication our message about the importance of safeguarding and I encourage you to raise any concerns or suggestions with our safeguarding service.

We know that a small number of people in every society use and take advantage of their power and position to abuse children and vulnerable persons.

We must ensure that families can have confidence that all of their member as safe when involved in all church activities and that promoting their welfare is our paramount concern. We do this collectively by committing ourselves to good and safe practices as outlined in our diocesan policies and procedures. We must always act to prevent abuse and report any concerns or disclosures.

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Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Persons Newsletter - Spring 2016