May 27, 2016

Two New Post-Primary Schools in Limerick

Two New Post-Primary Schools in Limerick

The Department of Education and Skills has announced for Limerick. One of the schools is to be located in Mungret which we are told will accept first year students commencing in September 2017 and the other, to be located in the Castletroy area, will accept first years commencing in September 2018.

As you know both the Diocese and a number of religious congregations have a long and, in general, highly regarded tradition in the provision of quality education to the young people of Limerick city and its environs. It is welcoming of all. At post-primary level, we have been involved in various types of schools. It is now time to assess if you would like the Catholic Church community to be involved in the two new schools.

One way of indicating this is to fill in the form, indicating support of the Catholic Church Community for patron of one of the new . If you choose to support our bid for consideration this in no way binds you to sending your child to either of the schools. This exercise simply and firstly helps me know the level of interest and then, on making the application, it offers evidence of that interest to the Department of Education to be taken into account in its decision making process.

To fill in the form, PLEASE CLICK HERE

The form follows the Department of Education guidelines so you must detail your own name, your child/children’s name, their date of birth, their proposed year of entry into post-primary school and your address, including the eircode.


Please note that all forms have to be returned either to your primary school or filled in on the website by Friday June 3rd.