Apr 26, 2016

Some resources for parishes

We have only just completed our three day Synod, and we are clear that it will take some time for us to reflect on the outcomes and to discern a way forward as a diocese.

A number of delegates and parishes have requested some resources as they begin to reflect on these theme and how they might respond. For instance one parish pastoral council each took home a copy of 'The Synod Script' last week with the task of coming back next month with a suggested proposal to adopt in each area.

Conscious that nothing new need begin pre-summer, we offer some small ideas for parishes who have requested such. These are not intended to be a pressure on others, nor a definitive answer to any theme.

If your parish is in a conversation about 'How can we prepare for the Autumn on the theme of Community and Belonging' then THIS BOOKLET might be of help (click 'this booklet to download free booklet!)

Resources on other themes are also available on request. For instance

Liturgy and life

  • Formation for extra-ordinary Ministers of the Eucharist- May 24th - full details HERE
  • A Choir workshop with Tom Kendzia - May 10th - full details HERE
  • Lay led liturgies - please read some of the excellent conversation HERE as we discern what are the needs, resources and vision we need as a diocese in this area.


New Models of Leadership

  • An armchair conversation for chairs and secretaries of Parish Pastoral Councils and Pastoral Area teams - May 17th - Details HERE


We are only at the end of the beginning, as Bishop Kearon said, so there is no rush. However please be assured of support in any undertakings - we are a community of communities, and we are lifted by one another.


Noirin Lynch

Pastoral Coordinator, 061 400133