Apr 20, 2016

The Synod Script


Limerick Diocesan Synod 2016
Over 100 proposals to create a more unified, inclusive and accessible Church in the Diocese of Limerick were voted on at a three-day Synod in Limerick over the weekend.
Some 97 of the 100 proposals were approved across six themes covering a wide range of issues, from dealing with hurt in the Church to enhancing its faith formation, hospitality and welcome.
The 100 proposals at what was the first Irish synod for 50 years were decided on by 400 delegates, over 300 of them lay. It was also the first Synod in Ireland to have such a large lay representation.
Please click on the following link of The Synod Script with full details of voting on all proposals, pictures and reports,


Please Click Here: The Synod Script'