Jan 10, 2012

Rite of Election 2012

The Rite of Election is an ancient Rite, whereby all adults prepaing to be Baptised at the Easter Vigil in their parish; are invited to gather and pray with their Bishop. The names of our new brothers and sisters in Christ, are written down in our Diocesan 'Book of the Elect', as a recognition of our new bond. We also pray with and bless all adult candidates for Confirmation, Eucharist and full reception.  Then we send you home to your parish to finalise preparations  - now aware that we are part of a much larger faith community, blessed and a blessing.

If you are an adult considering becoming a Catholic, please click HERE for more information

If you are a parent interested in Baptism for your infant, please click HERE

If you are a parish who would like to support an adult enquirer, please click HERE

If you are a parish priest who will welcome an adult into the church this Easter, then the following LETTER and FORM will be of assistance.