Dec 1, 2011

Clergy reflect on Sacrament

Autumn Clergy Gathering 2011: Thursday 24th and Friday 25th of November.

Speaker: Fr Michael Drumm, Chairperson of Catholic Schools Partnership.

Facilitation: Martin Kennedy.

Venue: Woodstock Hotel, Ennis


The priests of the Diocese of Limerick meet together several times each year. One annual gathering is residential to allow time to consider significant pastoral issues together.

The focus for the annual Autumn Clergy Gathering this year was on a Theology of the Sacraments. The intended outcome was that as a body of priests we would work towards developing an agreed pastoral approach to the sacraments, informed by a theology that is consistent across the diocese. This would form part of a wider discussion involving parents, teachers and parishioners.

This event was organised in conjunction with the Diocesan Advisory service for Primary School in Limerick.  We were fortunate to have a very good keynote speaker and skilled facilitation as there are quite disparate, deeply held feelings around the subject matter.

Fr Michael Drumm disseminated some reading and discussion questions prior to the gathering to allow some discussion take place at Clergy Area level prior to the Conference. At the Conference there was input followed by discussion on the first day. The organising group then gathered together the ‘fruits’ of the discussion to bring them to a further input on the following morning followed by further discussion which hopefully moved us towards agreeing some shared criteria which informed our pastoral practice and guiding those who have responsibility for drawing up diocesan guidelines around the preparation for and the celebration of the sacraments.


Click HERE for the full report of the conference