Aug 12, 2015

Bishop Leahy’s message to students

The class of 2015 were today urged by Bishop of Limerick Brendan Leahy to “catch their breath and take their time in assessing their Leaving Cert results”.

Bishop Leahy urged the 70,000 school-leavers not to rush into quick decisions on the basis of the all-important results envelope they were handed.

In congratulating all students on the results, he recommended that they weigh up all the advice they were being given about their future.  Bishop Leahy said: “Having got their results today, it’s another moment of choosing on the basis of those results. In doing this, I would urge students to spend a quiet moment reflecting and thinking about the future and what’s best for them.

“A few questions to guide that reflection could be: am I being true to myself in the choice I am making; have I taken sufficient account of the advice others have given me; and will my choice contribute to making our world a better place?”

Bishop Leahy also had a word of guidance for those students who may have fallen short of getting the points they were hoping for.

“If some students have been disappointed today with their results, they should take the quiet moment in prayer to tell Jesus how they feel at this time and ask his help.  They should tell themselves that these results are not at all what matter most in life but the kind of person they are and in their relationship with others”.