Jul 13, 2015

YOLO, issue 6 now available

YOLO, Issue 6 is here!

It's been a busy few months so sit back and enjoy catching up with everything...


To see the current issue of YOLO! please click HERE

The Youth Ministry team have a E-Magazine called ‘YOLO!’ (Youth of Limerick on Line – our take on the popular phrase ‘You Only Live Once’).

It is a quarterly magazine that we email to subscribers and post online. It contains a wide variety of articles and features. It will have photos of and articles on some of the more recent youth ministry events. It will also make people aware of upcoming events.

There will be regular features that explore faith in both a light hearted and serious way. YOLO features issues that are important for young people. It hopefully will be a celebration of youth ministry in the diocese and a resource for those who subscribe.


To see the current issue of YOLO! please click here: