Feb 16, 2015

Bishop Brendan: reflections for parishes

Bishop Leahy offers a new catechesis for reflection at weekend Masses each month here in Limerick Diocese. As we begin a listening phase in the Synod Process this reflection, on the Kingdom of God, is particularly important. Instead of  focusing only on ourselves, we are invited to look for signs of goodness and hope - where God is already at work in our midst.




The Kingdom of God


"The expression “the kingdom of God” or “the kingdom of heaven” is found 122 times in the New Testament. Jesus speaks of it in the Gospels no less than 69 times. There has been a rediscovery in the past century that the teaching about the Kingdom of God was at the heart of Jesus’ preaching. But what is the “Kingdom of God”?  ....




...  We could say that wherever we see signs of genuine love of one another, justice, peace and reconciliation, we are seeing signs of the Kingdom of God.


It is good for each of us to ask ourselves, how are we progressing the Kingdom of God in the world? It is also a valuable exercise to detect signs of the Kingdom of God in the world, even outside the Church’s visible boundaries. We can be thankful for them and let them teach us something about the direction to which God is calling us. Indeed, this is a worthwhile exercise to do together as we move into the first phase of our consultations for the Limerick Diocesan Synod.


Bishop Brendan Leahy


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