Jan 14, 2014

Catholic Schools Week 2014


Catholic Schools Week 2014: ‘Places of Faith and Learning’

Catholic Schools Week 2014 will begin on Sunday 26 January and will conclude on 1 February. The theme for Catholic Schools Week this year is ‘Catholic Schools – Places of Faith and Learning’. This year’s theme was chosen to highlight that all learning takes place in a values context. Catholic Schools Week is an occasion to celebrate the work and achievement of Catholic Schools in Ireland, north and south. Resources have been provided to all primary and post-primary schools to assist with the celebration of CSW.

Catholic Schools Week 2014

CSW 2014 Post-primary Resources

CSW-Post Primary Irish Resources 2014

CSW 2014 Primary Resources

CSW-Primary Irish Resources-2014

Primary Poster

Primary page for home – Polish

Reflection for Members of Staff and Board of Management or Governors

Planning for Catholic Schools Week 2014

Suggestions for Diocesan Celebrations

Prayer Service to Celebrate the Ministry of Teachers

Celebrating Catholic Schools Week in Parish 2014

Opening Prayer Service

Closing Celebration 2014

Grandparents Day 2014