Nov 22, 2013

Family and Evangelisation

Pope Francis has announced that in October 2014 an Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops will take place in the Vatican to discuss the theme:

‘The pastoral challenges for the family in the context of evangelisation’.


In order to prepare for this Synod, and to assist in its discussions, the Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops has initiated a consultation to obtain responses on this important theme. A ‘Preparatory Document’ to contextualise this initiative has been created by the Vatican, it includes consultation questions which are grouped under the following ten sections:

  1. The Diffusion of the Teachings on the Family in Sacred Scripture and the Church’s Magisterium
  2. Marriage according to the Natural Law
  3. The Pastoral Care of the Family in Evangelization
  4. Pastoral Care in Certain Difficult Marital Situations
  5. On Unions of Persons of the Same Sex
  6. The Education of Children in Irregular Marriages
  7. The Openness of the Married Couple to Life
  8. The Relationship Between the Family and the Person
  9. Other Challenges and Proposals

10.  Further comments



Bishop Leahy and Limerick Diocese would like to hear from a wide variety of Catholics on this matter. We are offering three possibilities for you and your parish to respond:

  1. Personal response. The document is available on the website Anyone can read it there, and reply to the questions as indicated. Please include this general invitation in parish newsletters and announcements this week and next.
  2. Parish response. Bishop Leahy would delighted to receive 1-2 responses from any Parish Pastoral Council that has met and discussed the document and its questions.
  3. Diocesan workshop. The Pastoral Development team will host a once-off workshop where these matters will be discussed and reported back on.


The timeline is unfortunately quiet tight – all replies must be delivered in December. This is because we are simply at the first stage in a long international consultation process. Bishops will report their initial findings in January and across 2014 a series of questions will be developed for discussion by the church at the Ordinary General Assembly in 2015. This conversation on the family and evangelisation will continue in this diocese and beyond.


All replies should be sent by email or post to the addresses below. Please note that short and succinct responses are most helpful. Deadline:  20th December 2013.

Email: Subject Heading: Response re: Family and Evangelisation

Post: Response re: Family and Evangelisation, Limerick diocesan office, Social services centre, Henry St, Limerick