Upcoming Events

Date: 30 January 2018
Trocaire parish volunteers - open evening for new volunteers

An information evening for those who want to become Trocaire Parish volunteers. Join those already active in their local community, in this positive, clear service on behalf of Trocaire.

Interested? Contact Karen (Trocaire - Karen.Casey@trocaire.org 1 5053275) or Noirin (NLynch@ldpc.ie 061 400133) to book a place at this January open evening in the Woodlands House hotel, Adare (7-9pm).

All welcome!



The Trocaire Parish Volunteer simply receives all up to date Trocare campaigns, ensures posters are up, information is shared in the newsletter or announcements and that people are generally aware of and informed about Trocaires work.

Given both its practical nature, and the social justice work that Trociare is involved in; we feel this would be a great way to involve the retired and young adults in the community. There will be zero fundraising involved, and no local meetings. Instead we offer occassional meetings for all volunteers in Limerick where Trocaire staff will share new resources and project information. Volunteers can then decide how best to share that news locally!