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Date: 13 September 2017
Ministry of Public Prayer - Funeral Prayers
Last spring we began to explore how parishioners might develop a Ministry of Public Prayer, so that in all circumstances every local faith community has prayer leaders for public prayer moments.
First we considered how we might pray as a parish when morning Mass isn't possible on a given weekday morning. About 120 people participated in formation over three Saturdays and led a Liturgy of the Word in their parish. Many have continued to lead public parish prayer - on a weekday morning, for special feast days or at exam preparation times. This has been a great blessing to many local faith communities.
This Autumn we will consider how trained lay parishioners can lead some of the prayers at times of bereavement. Our priests remain central, but are there ways we can work with them so families are well supported and cared for? ... For instance, can a lay parishioner help the family prepare the Mass - choosing hymns and prayers together. This might allow our priests more pastoral time with the family, to listen and support. Could trained parishioners work with our priests in leading prayers in funeral homes? Working together, could we develop that real sense of the parish community supporting a family from the moment of death, through all the services, and beyond.
We are holding two evenings in September to look at (a) the prayers from the Order of Christian Funerals that can be used in homes or funeral homes, and (b) how a parish might – with respect, sensitivity and integrity – develop a team of lay parishioners to support clergy in leading prayer in the home or funeral home before a funeral.

  • Participants will need to have completed the spring training or the Sept 9th workshop in advance.


  • The workshops are on Wednesday, September 13th and Wednesday September 20th, 7 – 9:30 pm in Pastoral centre, Limerick. Participants must complete BOTH sessions, thanks.


  • Places must be booked in advance by the parish on 061400133. For any queries, please contact Noirin at that number. Thanks