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Date: 8 August 2017
Music Ministry Together 2017

Music Ministry Together 2017 will take place form the 8th-13th August in Cistercian College Roscrea. Our theme for 2017 is “Holy is Your Name”.

Names are very important to us. The first question on almost every application form is “What is your name?” or when we meet people for the first time one of the first questions we ask is “What is your name?” Solomon said, “A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches” (Proverbs 22:1). How do we feel when our names are misused? If we have a good name we want people to speak of us in a honourable way.

God’s name is far more important than our own. God’s name expresses nature and character. How do we use God’s name? What meaning do we attach to God’s name? Do we know God well enough to use His name correctly? We live in a world and time that places little value on the name of God. So what might it mean to honour the holiness of God’s name? During MMT we will enter into an ancient sanctuary and cry, “Holy is your name!”