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Date: 6 May 2017
Formation for lay led liturgy leaders

A Ministry of Public Prayer

In Ireland, when we gathered for public prayer in the last 50 years' we have almost exclusively celebrated Mass. This was a great blessing but it has let us not-so-confident about other types of liturgy. So when it is not possible for a priest to lead public liturgy, we sometimes find ourselves nervous and unsure. Fortunately there are clear, positive resources to help us to prepare and lead liturgical celebrations locally. Some parishes are already doing this, and soon we will all have the experience.

A three day formation for lay parishioners who have been invited to lead public prayer or liturgy in their parishes begins on Saturday, March 4th in Mary Immaculate College. Participants - nominated by their parish - will meet once a month in March, April and May. On Tuesday April 25th, every parish will hold a public service led by lay people, for the whole parish. We ask you to keep everyone involved in your prayers.