Finding your local faith community

Searching for your local parish?

Whether you have just moved to a new area, or have decided to make contact with your local parish for the first time: we hope that the words of Baptism will ring true: "The  Christian community welcomes you with great joy".

The links below offer a map and a list of parishes and of priests. Should these not be enough - you are welcome to call into the Diocesan Office (061 315856) or the Pastoral Centre (061 400133) to find out more.

The Diocesan Calendar on THIS page of the website has a list of events which may be of interest too.


  • If you know the name of your local parish, or if you are searching for a specific priest, click HERE
  • If you don't know which parish your home is located in: this map showing all the parishes may be of help: HERE 
  • An outline of Pastoral Areas (parishes working together) is available HERE


So, how does a person get to know a new parish? How do newcomers 'get involved' or find out whats happening in the parish? Well, all parishioners have a responsibility to welcome and include you - but heres some ideas that might help you as the visitor/newcomer:

  • Go to Sunday Mass - this is the best way to get a sense of the community. Try to attend Mass at a few different times to see which celebration of Eucharist suits you and your family best.  Mass times for each parish are listed on that parishes page, or can be found HERE
  • Introduce yourself to the priest who presides at the Mass you attend, or call the local parish priest to say hello. Your priest is a visible sign of the faith community and its welcome for you and your family.
  • Find the parish newsletter and/or read notices in the church porch. Ask about local newspapers and other points of contact.
  • Before and after Mass: ask for help - ask people in the church with you where you can find the mass leaflet/ the parish newsletter/ the sacristy etc .... strike up conversations in order to make connections with those who are at Mass with you!
  • Be patient yet firm. Priests and parishioners may not realise how challenging it is to be a new-comer in 'their' parish, so it may take a few 'hellos' and requests before you get the response you're hoping for. Some may also define your 'involvement' in terms of whether or not you are 'signed up to a rota'. Your baptism and church attendance constitute involvement - the rest is a personal choice. So feel free to take your time and to get involved according to your own gifts and energy - both are God given for a reason!
  • Know that you belong. "In a sense the very existence and structure of teh parish is an assurance of care for each individual Christian. Whether you or I actually worship in our local church does not take away from this fact. In the structure of parish, the church as a whole has committed itself to care for me. The parish as such is a statement to me, 'we care that you exist' ". (Donal Harrington. The Welcoming Parish, pg 15. Columba Press)