Support for Limerick liturgy groups

Some support available for parish liturgy groups in the Diocese of Limerick


Diocesan Liturgy Commission

The Diocesan Liturgy Commission is made up of priest, sisters and parishioners from parishes all across the diocese. The group reflects on current and up coming liturgical

The following are among some of the resources developed by the group and are available to pastoral areas and parishes on request:-

  • Leading parish liturgies and prayer
  • Resources, support, planning & development for parish liturgy groups
  • Guidelines and support for music ministry in parish.

You can contact us c/o Limerick Diocesan Pastoral Centre, St Michaels courtyard, Denmark St, Limerick.

Limerick Diocesan Pastoral Centre

The Pastoral Centre aims to be 'a symbol and source of hope, light, growth and support for all God's people'. One of its main objectives is to 'promote the values of collaborative ministry and Christian community, and to help local parishes in their liturgical celebrations and commitment to the social Gospel'.  For liturgy resources and formation, contact Noirin at  061 400133. Email:

Training for Parish Liturgy Groups

A four night training program (8 hours) is available for all forming (and re-newing) parish liturgy groups.

Training is planned in advance according to the specific needs of the group. It usually covers a basic introduction to liturgy, Scripture and Eucharist, liturgical planning, liturgical resources and the liturgical year. It also involves participants in planning simple liturgies each evening so as to develop confidence and teamwork.This training is of maximum benefit when delivered locally to a group of parishes. (e.g. in a Pastoral Area). Contact Noirin at the Pastoral Centre (061 400133) to discuss this further.

Local bookshops & other sample resources.




Centres of prayer & learning

Music Ministry



National Liturgy Centre, Maynooth



We would be delighted to add to this list by including more local resources. If you have information on this, please email us on