Life long learning

What is adult faith formation?

The days of saying 'I don't know why I believe, but I know its right' are long over.  Grown up Christians no longer rely on others to think for us - we make space and time to listen to  and learn about what Jesus Christ is saying to us today for our daily lives.  As Karl Rahner said, 'The Christian of the future will be a mystic or he will not exist at all'.

Faith formation, like all education, is life long. It is not something that happens only in classrooms or at a particular time of life, like childhood. Adult Christians grow in faith in the context of relationships, reflective action, study, and prayer ... we are a pilgrim people, learning as we live and love.


Are you interested in Adult Faith Formation:


Bishop Bill Murphy, (Kerry diocese), speaking of ‘Share the Good News’ said that it offers: 

"... guidance and inspiration ... because its scope extends far beyond the narrow understanding of catechesis as something that happens in schools to the many and diverse activities in the Church’s one mission to evangelise: e.g. faith development for young adults, adults and adults of mature years; RCIA; Sunday liturgies; marriage preparation and support; parenthood and family ministry; the education and training of lay persons for active participation in the mission of their parish and diocese, ecclesial movements, groups and organisations.  Every possible form of catechesis or evangelisation - using those words in the widest sense and interchangeably - is included and no possible target group is omitted."